10 Times We All Related A Little Too Deeply With Sharon Strzelecki

Kath & Kim is the most important piece of art in the history of Australian television, and don’t you dare let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

The foxy ladies of Fountain Gate have given us more iconic and meme-able moments than we can count, from Kath’s questionable fashion choices to Kimmy’s mispronunciation of the word chardonnay.

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But nobody has captured our hearts by being painfully relatable than this poor soul. I’ll give you a hint: she loves all sports, especially indoor cricket and netball, she’s broken her fibula five times, she has hives, and she is desperately lonely.

We’re of course talking about Sharon Strzelecki.

It’s safe to say our fav has had a bloody rough go of things, and honestly, same. These are all the times we all related a little too deeply (and painfully) with Sharon Strzelecki.

#1 The Time She Knew A White Lie Was Better Than Another Outfit Change

Sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all, ya know?

#2 The Time She Changed Her Entire Personality To Impress A Boy

Lmao, can’t relate…

#3 The Time She Hoped Her Hidden Talents Would Make Her More Sexy

You know what they say about big lungs… a big heart, right Shaz?

#4 The Time There Were No Billabongs Left

Don’t even TRY to tell us you haven’t cried over there being ice cream before, you compulsive liar.

#5 The Time She Revealed She Could River Dance


“We might get you into a sports bra, darl.”

#6 The Time She Got A Little Too Real

Don’t know about you, but I’ve NEVER had this exact same conversation with myself. Nope. Not once. Ha.

#7 The Time She Fell Asleep By The Pool

Sharon Strzelecki

Literally me if any time I step into the sun without a hat for more than 30 seconds. 

#8 The Time She Knew How To Have A Good Time

All that’s missing is some Tee Vee Snacks and some footy franks IMHO. One thing Sharon knows is how to throw a good celebration.

#9 When Her Dance Moves Low-Key SLAPPED

You’ve 100% thrown these shapes on the dancefloor at the local RSL after the meat raffles. Don’t you dare lie to me.

#10 The Time She Got What She Wanted

If you were a shit of a kid (like me) you’d know there’s only one thing more satisfying than stealing that item of food your sibling was saving for later, and that’s getting away with it.

See? Told ya! We’re all Sharon Strzelecki, whether you’d like to admit it or not