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The Life-Changing Experience Of Shopping At Kmart Via ‘Kath & Kim’ GIFs

There is no greater place on this earth than Kmart. This is a fact and I will hear zero arguments to the contrary.

Kmart shoppers are intense. I would say we’re kind of like a cult and I am very much a loyal devotee to the all-powerful red and blue. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to posting about new products and sharing each other’s shopping hauls.

It’s serious business.

Shopping at Kmart is really a spiritual experience so here’s a rough rundown via the Aussie life gurus themselves, Kath and Kim.

First of all, you decide to go to Kmart and prep for the time of your life.

Walking through that high white arch, greeted by outdoor furniture, this is the gates of heaven.

Approaching the clothing section, it truly is every man and woman for themselves.

Oh damn, these jumpsuits are new and only $15.

Are all these t-shirts on sale for $2 each?!

Omg, they’re in my size! I’ll get every colour!

Now it’s time to move on to HOMEWARES!

I may as well treat myself to a new throw rug and matching cushions.

But nooooo, the rose gold-coloured lamps has sold out at all of the stores in the state.

I’m having a bit of a moment as I start to cry in the empty aisle.

It’s okay, I’ll just change my entire colour theme and buy all the matching stuff here.

I keep bugging the sales assistant to find out what secret stock they keep out back, she bloody hates me.

I’m outta here, leaving with a trolley full of stuff… even though I came for a casual browse, oops.

How did I end up being in there for three hours?!

Oh well, damn we look good.