What Else To Watch When You’re Addicted To That ‘Real Housewives’ Drama

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The Real Housewives franchise is packed full of enough drama to last a lifetime and then some, but if you’ve somehow managed to devour it all in the few short years since it graced our lives and TV screens, there are plenty of other shows where you can get your fix, and hayu’s got you more than covered.

#1 Vanderpump Rules

If you’re not watching VPR already, you need to put your phone down RIGHT NOW and get on it. It’s a Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills spin-off, focusing on Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, Sur, and all the people who work there. The cast is unlike any other on television and the storylines take you on a wild ride. It’s essentially like watching a bunch of sugared-up toddlers run around causing trouble, while Lisa watches on disapprovingly.

Anyone who’s seen it will agree that it’s the best reality show on television, bar none.

#2 Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild only has nine episodes, so it’s the perfect show to knock off on a rainy weekend. Don’t let the short run-time fool you, though – it lives up to its name and delivers wall-to-wall drama.

It was initially supposed to be a tame reality show about three sisters being home-schooled while trying to make it as models in LA. But in the first episode, one of them gets arrested for breaking into celebrities’ houses as part of “The Bling Ring”. The season follows the trial and how her family deals with the fallout, and deserves a spot in the history books.

Watch it just for the infamous phone call scene – you’ll know what we mean when you see it.

#3 Shahs Of Sunset

This show follows the Housewives format of prominent socialites living their best glam lives in LA. All the cast members are Persian-Americans who have to try to navigate their social lives and romantic flings while pleasing traditional family members who are calling for them to settle down and get married. It’s got a little more depth than your average episode of Housewives, and with seven seasons, you’ll be set for a while.

#4 Southern Charm


This series follows a bunch of young singles from prominent old-money families in Charleston, South Carolina. They all have to maintain their reputations and not bring shame to their family name while still wanting to party and ~find love~. The twist that comes at the end of the first season is INCREDIBLE television that’ll leave you shook.

#5 Jersey Shore

I’m sure you’ve heard of Jersey Shore, but did you know that all six seasons are on hayu? It’s gotta be one of the most iconic reality series of all time, and there’s nothing more fun than watching Snooki, J.Woww and co live it up on the Jersey Shore. If it’s drama you’re after, this one is for you.

#6 Ladies Of London

This show is essentially a British version of Housewives, though with a little more prestige. The cast is made up of elite socialites, to whom image and reputation is everything. Enter a couple of American expats whose behaviour raises a few eyebrows and ruffles some feathers. There’s nothing better than watching rich women fight while holding champagne, and this show delivers it in spades.

#7 Million Dollar Listing

An undeniable drawcard of the Housewives franchise is all the real estate porn – those women have really, really, really nice houses. When you need a break from the drama but still want that injection of aspirational glam in your life, check out Million Dollar Listing. It follows real estate agents in LA and New York, giving you a look at some seriously incredible (and seriously pricey) properties. Get your Pinterest boards ready.

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