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Every Storyline In ‘Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants’ That Left Me Crying In The Shower

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the greatest movie of the 21st century. Now that’s settled, let’s talk about how deeply upsetting it is and how I am very much still NOT OKAY.

The film is packed full of storylines that force the viewer to bring all their feelz to the surface.

It’s the kind of trauma you relive constantly, but mostly in the shower when those dreaded shower thoughts hit and your tears can flow freely.

For a movie that’s supposed to be about female friendship and enchanted denim, it quickly gets derailed into an emotion-fest and I just can’t take it anymore.

Here’s every storyline in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants that left me crying in the shower:

Bridget’s mum passing away

While Bridget spends most of the first movie at summer camp, her mum’s recent passing from mental illness suddenly hits home and it’s heartbreaking to watch her break down.

Carmen calling her dad and pouring her heart out

Carmen finally cracks and lets her distant dad have it, calling him on the phone in tears. It’s a beautiful moment and makes me feel ALL the THINGS.

Lena and Kostas breaking up

In the second film, we learn that the film’s perfect couple Lena and Kostas broke up and Kostas remarried. Lena tries to stay strong but it hurts deep in my soul. (Thankfully we get a happy ending.)

Carmen being body-shamed by her stepmum

This scene has NOT aged well. Carmen’s new stepmum pretty much complains to the dressmaker that Carmen’s body shape is not the same as her own daughter’s and therefore won’t match the other bridesmaids. Tell her, Carmen.

Absolutely EVERYTHING to do with Bailey

I actually can’t even talk about Bailey without welling up. Especially the moment in hospital when Tibby gives Bailey the pants to make her better and Bailey replies: “The pants have already worked their magic on me. They brought me to you.”


Okay fam, I’m off to bed to soak my tears up with my doona until the pain goes away.