The Remaining Sizzler Restaurants Are Set To Shut & Australia Is In Mourning

The iconic all-you-can-eat restaurant chain Sizzler will close its remaining franchises in Australia in November, with parent company Collins Food saying the Covid-19 pandemic had forced the brand to pull the plug.

It kinda feels like it’s been every other year that there have been reports that Sizzler would be closing down, and now the life support has been unplugged and Australia is officially in mourning for the few remaining stores left.

From the cheese toast to the dessert bar, it was basically an Aussie tradition of sorts to host your family birthday party at Sizzler when you were a kid, with many parents having to deal with monster children on a sugar high after they attacked the soft-serve ice cream machine with vigour. No regrets.

Many Aussies are mourning the loss of the iconic Sizzler, fondly remembering the good old days where self-serve buffets were not a safety issue*:

*OK, well at least they didn’t feel like one when you were a child.

It’s gotta be said, it really is the Aussie way to fondly mourn something that you never once supported in the latter years of its life.

The potato skins though – they will always be missed.