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The ‘Slender Man’ Trailer Is Here To Make You Want To Quit The Internet

Sony Pictures have just unveiled the first trailer for their Slender Man movie. If you don’t know what Slender Man is, then congratulations on being well adjusted, you must be sooooooo proud of yourself.

The film is based on the infamous Creepypasta internet meme about an unnaturally tall, faceless man with tentacles coming out of his back, who abducts children and/or compels them to commit murder.

What began as a doctored image on an online forum has inspired a sprawling, blood-curdling mythology, viral videos and a terrifying video game — not to mention an actual attempted murder.

Slender Man was previously the subject of a documentary, but now he’s gotten the fiction treatment courtesy of director Sylvain White. The trailer is unsurprisingly packed full of horrifying imagery: dark forests, writhing maggots, kids with creepily long hair, and teens stabbing themselves in the face.

It’s a lot.

Slender Man is in cinemas in May.

Via Junkee.

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