The #SmartGirlsAsk Campaign Changed This Year’s Golden Globes Red Carpet For The Better

After last year’s Oscars (AKA The Academy Awards), there was backlash over the questions that women of the red carpet were being asked by reporters and media personalities. Trending the hashtag #AskHerMore, there was a push for reporters to ask female actors the same deep and meaningful questions that were being asked to their male counterparts.

This meant not just asking them about their dresses, their hair and their make-up. And for the love of Meryl Streep, do not make them walk their fingers down the red carpet of the “mani-cam” again.

For a while, Amy Poehler has been building a feminist foundation for girls called “Smart Girls”. It’s a friendly and supportive group of women that praises women for their success, whether it be in the field of film and television, science, sport, mathematics or politics.

Last year, Smart Girls paired up with the Emmys to get #AskHerMore off the ground with the help of the hashtag #SmartGirlsAsk. Amy Schumer, John Oliver and Jamie Lee Curtis answered some of these questions submitted by Twitter users. Even L’Oreal jumped on board the feminist movement of #AskHerMore by starting their own hashtag #WorthSaying, designed to get female personalities discussing what they believe in and are passionate about.

So of course, to keep things flying high, #SmartGirlsAsk paired up with the Golden Globes and started trending again. I was so keen to get amongst this that I even posted my own questions.

The question topics range from advice, memories, changes to film and television since these personalities have entered the industry, career highlights, to some philosophical questions, such as “lifetime achievement awards” and who to give them to. SmartGirls will be asking these questions to film and television personalities backstage during the Golden Globes award ceremony.

So many celebrities, not just fans, are also getting behind the #AskHerMore and #SmartGirlsAsk movement. Reese Witherspoon, for one, has asked some really poignant questions. Actor Jamie Foxx and the amazingly epic showrunner of half of USA’s ABC’s drama series, Shonda Rhimes have also contributed to #SmartGirlsAsk.

This movement is making a strong impact on the film and television industry, and we might be looking at seeing more of these questions pop up at future award ceremonies. I definitely can’t wait to see who answers which questions, or to find out who answers my own questions.

You can see the questions asked via the Amy Poehler Smart Girls twitter account.

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