Smith's chips snag & sauce flavour

Smith’s Chips Have Actually Released A ‘Snag & Sauce’ Limited Edition Range, Yes You Read That Right

Get your taste buds ready, Straya, because the good people behind Smith’s have listened to your innermost desires and released a limited edition ‘Snag & Sauce’ chippie.

You may have nearly had everything organised for your long weekend: a BBQ, a blowup pool, some chilled goon & OJ… and now you can add a brand new crinkle cut chip to the mixing bowl.

We got sent some of these bad boys here at the Punkee office, so decided to let you know our verdict:

smiths snag and sauce chips

“I’ve been so excited to try these since I found out they existed. You get the tomato sauce flavour straight up, and once it dissipates you’re left with a smokey BBQ sausage favour. Not BBQ sauce – like real, proper BBQ. I feel like I’m outside Bunnings on a Saturday morning. This is everything I’ve ever wanted.” – Rae

“Quite a similar flavour to Burger Rings.” – Ness

“They honestly just taste like BBQ chips.” – Lucy

“My first thought was ‘whoa, these chips are really big’.  You would need to have a bigger-than-average sized mouth to eat them in one go. I liked these Big Chips: they have a tomato flavour at first, then they’re smoky, kind of like a burnt sausage — but not too burnt, the right amount. I ate a lot of them.” – Jared

“They DO taste like a sausage!” – overheard by someone in the kitchen.

“Absolutely loved the taste of the chips! Reminds me of visiting Bunnings on a Sunday morning, smokey bbq’s in the sun, the crisp Aussie heat, and my wife Sharon that left me three years ago (please call me).” – James

Overall, we reckon Smith’s could maybe reconsider the temporary status of these chips and make them an all-year-round thing.