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These Shots Using SnapChat’s New Gender Swap Filter Are Confusing & Hilarious

Every few months Snapchat installs a new filter that becomes an absolute phenomenon and right now the gender swap filter is taking over the internet.

It’s a basic concept, the filter applies feminine or masculine features to your face to let the user see how they’d look as a different gender. Obviously the results are too good so we’ve collected some of the funniest.

Here are some of the best uses of the Snapchat gender swap filter!

Miley Cyrus reckons she looks like Joe Jonas, which err… is highly debatable.

This user turned himself into Anne Hathaway.

Gina Linetti, is that you?!

Fellas have been turning themselves into women and the results are hilarious.

The filter is actually amazing.

Women have been having just as much fun with their gender switching.

Tbh, I think some people are falling in love with their own doppelgängers.

Wow. Who would have guessed that as a different gender I’m a total snacc?!