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18 Memes About Social Distancing That Are A Big Mood RN

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re currently living in a pretty scary time of uncertainty.

Yesterday Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned Australians that we have a tough six months ahead of us, enacting an international travel ban, a ban on small inside gatherings of over 100 people and restricting visits to aged care facilities and remote Indigenous communities. While these provisions won’t affect all Aussies, one rule that he heavily encouraged will: social distancing. The PM pleaded for people, when outside of their home, to stay 1.5 metres away from others at all times.

These new rules will no doubt change our daily lives but it’s essential we still find the funny in life and therefore keep making/sharing what keeps this planet spinning: memes. Thankfully, social distancing memes are here and they are a huge mood — and mood booster.

Here are 18 social distancing memes that are a big mood: