Please Let These 10 Super Slow-Mo GIFS Soothe Your Soul

Brought to you by Samsung

Slow things down and make your everyday epic with Samsung Galaxy S9 super slow-mo.

If the full-throttle pace of life has you warped into a stress mess well HELLO friend you are not alone. The good news is that self-care 100% includes looking at soothing slow-mo GIFs on the internet according to research* and science*.

*By this we mean: just trust us, it works.

We’ve leaned deep into all things super slow-mo to slow the world down. If this doesn’t make you feel more chill then you should perhaps just look at the GIF for longer until the desired outcome is reached. You’re welcome!

Please find solace in this soothing series of slow-moº gifs. Ain’t technology grand?

1. So fresh so clean this is glorious I have chills.

Awww yeaa. The calming effect of this is the exact opposite of the anxiety that comes with a cracked phone screen.

2. Aaaaaand he NAILS the landing.

Relish that sense of relief as it washes over you and then sit back and enjoy the jump all over again. Shout out to our boy James for having sweet sk8r boi skills that are incredibly satisfying to watch.

3. Don’t you love it when things just…work?

Don’t worry if everything in your own life is falling apart!!! Because look at these wonderful dominos doing exactly what they’re supposed to do. Doesn’t that make you feel darn fantastic???!!???

4. Damn, that precision.

The moment the knife hits the tomato it’s like you can feel your soul let out a sigh of relief. Me likey likey when he slicey slicey.

5. These flying cards are hella therapeutic you can quote me on that.

Look at those cards. They look like they’re doing an elegantly choreographed post-modern ballet up in here. It feels like we have stumbled across a loophole in the time space continuum and it’s glorious.

6. Cathartic, with a side of melodrama.

Watching waves crash in slow-mo is like being in a melodramatic montage scene of an excellent 90’s film and we are here for it. Nothing massages the pensive mind quite like tiny little water particles splish-splashing in the air.

7. Speaking of teeny, tiny particles…

Why is it so satisfying to watch this sandcastle be destroyed? Is it the texture of the sand or is it our suppressed thirst for destruction? Who knows but it feels right so we’re rolling with it.

8. He shoots…He scores!!!!!!!!!!

Hell YES Sporty Spice doesn’t that dunk feel GOOD. I reckon it feels real GOOD. Enjoy this sport-flavoured satisfaction.

9. Niiiiiiiiiice.

Yea boiiiiii, stick the landing. It feels damn good to slow things down and observe the mechanisms at work to make this incredible feat of human agility possible. 10/10 great flippy content.

10. Hnnnnnnnnnnggggg

If this doesn’t soothe you, 100% nothing will. Look at that bounce. Watch those sheets crinkle. This is quality bed-flop material right here.

Slow things down and make your everyday epic with Samsung Galaxy S9 super slow-mo. 

ºHD resolution only. Approx. 0.2 sec recording, 6 sec playback.

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