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WATCH: Sophie Monk Gets Grilled On ‘Hard Chat’ Again & Spills The Beans On Stu

Sophie Monk has made her return to ‘Hard Chat’, after slaying her hilarious interrogation with Tom Gleeson earlier this year.

Many noted that Monk’s triumphant appearance on The Weekly segment at the beginning of the year prompted Channel Ten to make her The Bachelorette, something Gleeson wanted to claim credit for. He quipped:

“How much money does Channel Ten owe me?”

Sophie wasn’t buying it.

Some other highlights included the comedian asking, “What’s more fake, your relationship with Stu or your face?”. Plus Sophie briefly delved in to her and Stu’s relationship, saying:

 “I did fall in love. We just live in different states so we’re not posting it all over the place. Because I’m just not that person.”

The bachy star was in fine form, joking about how all the contestants got screened for STIs. Tom also asked whether Sophie thinks he looked like bachy reject Jarrod. (He totally does!) The convo later derailed to talk about Sophie’s nipple hair and things got weird.

Check it out in full below:

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