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Sophie Monk’s Holiday Guide Video Is Adorably Cringe But Hilarious

Aussie treasure Sophie Monk is known for many things, being hilarious, witty, and a grade A bogan – but she is also just an unapologetic dork.

Her latest video posted to her socials is peak Monk and it’s totally adorable.

The bachy-come-Love Island kween is up in Canada with her Bachelorette bae Stu Laundy. They appear to be enjoying a ski vacation while visiting Soph’s  bff Oscar Gordon, who happens to work at the  SilverStar Mountain Resort. The ex-Bardot singer decided to film her own holiday guide while there and well… it’s a hot mess.

Some highlights include Sophie fat biking, bowling fails, face waxing and dunking herself in a spa. Comments are just a lot of lol-ing at Monk’s crazy antics. Never change, Soph, never change.

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