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20 Memes About ‘Stay Close’, Netflix’s Latest Addictive Crime Thriller

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If you like your thrillers on the side of absurd and trashy, then Netflix’s Stay Close is the show for you.

Debuting over the holidays, British crime thriller Stay Close is currently sitting in the top five on Australian Netflix. The eight-episode series is based on the Harlan Coben novel of the same title and revolves around a character named Cassie (Cush Jumbo) who starts a new life under the name Megan. Cassie was a dancer at a club called Vipers but left her old life and fiancé Ray (Richard Armitage) behind in an attempt to hide a dark secret from her past.

The show picks up in Megan’s new life: a mother to three kids and about to get married to her longtime partner Dave (Daniel Francis), but Megan is confronted with her past when she learns a man she thought was missing has returned.

Things get even more complicated as he isn’t the first man to go missing in the area: in fact, men have gone missing around the same time every year outside Vipers for over a decade. This leads to a police detective Broome (James Nesbitt) launching an investigation into whether the small town is harbouring a serial killer, starting with digging into the most recent disappearance of a young man, Carlton Flynn.

The series is a classic whodunnit, as throughout the eight episodes we meet a cast of characters who all could be responsible for some or all of the murders. There’s Megan herself, her fiancé Dave, her daughter, her ex Ray, Broome and his police partner, Carlton’s shady dad, the Vipers manager Lorraine, oh and we haven’t even mentioned the two paid assassins with a penchant for breaking into Broadway dances. Yep, this show is wild!

As expected, people are truly baffled by the series and the memes are too good.

Warning: There are some major spoilers below, so if you don’t want to know who the killer is then do not scroll past number 14.

20 memes about Netflix’s latest bonkers thriller Stay Close:





















You can stream Stay Close on Netflix.