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Some Genius Turned The Iconic Steamed Hams Scene From ‘The Simpsons’ Into A Spotify Playlist

Like all sensible millennials we here at Junkee are massive, massive fans of The Simpsons. More specifically, we are obsessed with the ‘Steamed Hams’ scene from the seventh season episode ’22 Short Films About Springfield’.

When we wrote a story wrapping up the best Steamed Hams remixes we said “there has never been a more perfect two minutes and 42 seconds of television” and we stand by it. If you’ve forgotten the scene, or have no idea what we’re talking about, take a couple of minutes and enjoy its sheer brilliance.

Ahh, it kills me every time.

Today we’re excited to share something that is at least as good as the Steamed Hams scene. In fact, it might even be better. I know, I know, it’s a controversial claim. But check it out!

A legendary Spotify user called ciaran12121 has created a Spotify playlist called ‘Steams Hams’, made up of 211 songs. The kicker? When you read the song titles the playlist recreates the dialogue from the actual scene. Wild.

The amount of effort it would have taken to create this ultimately useless 13 hour playlist is seriously impressive. The music featured is pretty eclectic, with Fort Minor, Kate Winslet, Daft Punk and Lil Uzi Vert all getting a spin. But let’s be real, this playlist isn’t for listening to, it’s purely about appreciating the genius.

Even the classic Aurora Borealis dialogue features, courtesy of two tracks by Lemon Demon and Meat Puppets.

The intervention by Skinner’s mother, another great moment, also gets the playlist treatment:

The final line in the scene is a cry for help from Agnes, Seymour’s mother, which is immortalised in the playlist thanks to The Beatles’ ‘Help!’.

Look, the whole thing is just great, so you should check it out yourself and listen to all 211 songs if you’re so inclined (story continues after playlist).

A few days ago one of the episode’s writers, Bill Oakley, shared the first draft script of Steamed Hams on Twitter.

The main changes from the draft seem to be changing the meal from dinner to lunch, and the inclusion of Superintendent Chalmers describing Skinner as an odd fellow who steams a good ham in the final version.

You can read the whole draft script by following the thread here.

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