This ‘Stranger Things’ Phone Drop Meme Challenge Is A Trip To The Upside Down

Stranger Things season three might be a long way off but judging by the latest meme challenge, we are clearly all keeping dedicated to the Stranger Things fandom.

The phone drop meme challenge has been gaining traction for a little while and it’s the best union of Stranger Things and the classic mirror selfie. Basically, you drop your phone and then with the help of some sweet sweet editing skills ~ BAM. You’re in ~The Upside Down~. It works best (imo) set to the Stranger Things theme song which bangs and also makes me miss Stranger Things. Damn.

The concept is simple but the execution is where people are truly letting their creativity shine. Check out these meme challengers so far.

In it’s purest form

Simple, but effective

Impressive use of lighting and parkour

Gr8 costume change

Watch out 4 this thirst trap

Points deducted for not using the Stranger Things music though.

What’s happening here plz explain

For real @ me if you know why someone is playing jesus behind him?

This one is giving me motion sickness ehhhh

But so so cool.

When you don’t know how to do the upside down edit thing


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