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‘Stranger Things’ Shannon Purser Tweets Out In Defence Of Her Co-star Because She’s A Bloody Legend

Bless you Barb (AKA Shannon Purser) for being the beautifully empathetic and kind human that you are.

Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser came into our lives as season one’s Barb, an unforgettable character with a cult-like following. She’s proven, yet again, that she’s just an all-round ace person with a series of tweets defending criticism of co-star Finn Wolfhard. Stranger Things fam 4eva.

Basically, some fans shared footage of themselves waiting outside 14-year-old Finn’s hotel and took to twitter to complain that the young actor didn’t stop to say hi. They even called him “heartless” which is clearly not the case.

Luckily Purser nipped that bad attitude in the bud with some real talk about the pressure of being in the spotlight. She is a beacon of wisdom, check it out:

You tell ’em Barb!!!

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