5 Of The Best #SubtlySponsoredPost TikTok Remixes

These Are Some Of The Best TikTok Remixes Of The #SubtlySponsoredPost So Far

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By now you would have seen the #SubtlySponsoredPost hashtag on TikTok, or at least our roundup of some of the best videos.

The premise is simple: TikTok legends have been making so-subtle-we-can-barely-tell-what-they’re-about videos promoting everything from signature makeup looks to their favourite sandwich recipes. The videos can be about literally anything, as long as they’re OTT and inspired by the OG #SubtlySponsoredPost from comedy champs Aunty Donna.

Every video posted to the hashtag is in the running to win one of five Samsung Galaxy A70s — and there’s still time to enter!

Before you make your own, get some inspo from some of the best TikTok remixes of Aunty Donna’s #SubtlySponsoredPost:

1. @miss_dixie

2. @iamlana007

3. @thechainzfamily

4. @jamiezhu

You can enter the competition as many times as you like until September 22. Just include part of the Aunty Donna video or song in your masterpiece and post it to your TikTok account with the #SubtlySponsoredPost hashtag. Then just sit back, browse Trending, and wait for the spoils of your new influencer lifestyle to start rolling in.


(Lead image: Samsung)

Channel your inner influencer and post an OTT #SubtlySponsoredPost on TikTok to win a Samsung Galaxy A70.

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