Start Swiping, Because You Could Find Your One True Love At This Year’s Summer Festivals

Feeling single asf this festival season? Well, your prayers to Cupid have been answered, because Tinder has just brought back Festival Mode and it’s about to become your ultimate summer ticket.

First launched earlier this year during Splendour in the Grass, Festival Mode makes meeting people faster, for all those times when you (inevitably) lose your friends and don’t want to fist pump alone.

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We all know that hot girl summer is fast approaching and Tinder has done us all a favour by collaborating with this year’s hottest summer music festivals: Festival X, Beyond the Valley and Falls Festival!

Finding love and maybe a shoulder ride is just the START. Using Festival Mode this summer will allow you to unlock some lit, IRL experiences, whether you want to hit the VIP fast lane at Festival X, cool down in the Tinder beach club at BTV, or even just connect with other legends at Falls.

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How does it work? It’s as simple as swiping right and looking for the Festival Mode Card. Once you match with it, you add the festival badge to your profile, and immediately start swiping the clientele of fellow festival hotties.

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The best part is you can do all of this before the actual festival kicks off! So if you’re keen on seeing Sunset Bros, but your mates wanna see Steve Aoki then you can jump on Tinder, find someone with the same music taste as you and organise a meetup.

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Good luck out there, swipe fast, swipe safe and you can thank us if you meet the love of your life in a sweaty mosh somewhere.