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Tara Pulled A Swifty On Tonight’s Ep Of Survivor & Twitter Is Calling Her A Snake

Tonight’s ep of Australian Survivor was intense. The tribe found themselves in a complete deadlock over votes, before Tara stepped out of her alliance to throw her ally Ziggy under the bus.

It was a big move by Tara, a player that many viewers have grown frustrated with for not doing much of anything. She’s coasted along for the most part, without winning any challenges and despite being voted out early, she was saved in a twist eviction.

Tara gets a lot of hate on Twitter and a fair chunk of it is undeserved. But on tonight’s ep she did a massive flip on her best buddy Ziggy, voting off the Olympian at the very last second.

For the big move Tara is being heralded a massive snake on Twitter, but at least she’s made her position known as a winning contender. The others better watch their backs.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about Tara’s snaky move:

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