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Tarzan Got Kicked Out Of The Jungle On ‘Australian Survivor’ & Twitter Was Filthy

Last night’s ep on Australian Survivor was HEAVY, man.

Most of the ep revolved around Tarzan (real name Mark) and his acts of selflessness, which tragically ended up sending him home. It was emotional to watch.

Not only did Tarzan choose firewood for his camp over a jar of (fairly average-looking) cookies, he later went on to find a immunity idol and give it to Tessa. A player that was most likely about to be voted off the island in tribal council.

But because karma is a filthy lie, in tribal council Tarzan got voted off instead, while Tessa used the bearded angel’s immunity to stay.

Safe to say, Twitter had feelings about Tarzan’s unjust fate.

Here’s what Twitter was saying about Tarzan last night:

However, many were confused as hell that Tarzan voted for Tessa… you know, the lass that just received his immunity idol – essentially throwing away his vote.

Yeah, sure I get that it was a move to appear loyal to the alliance… but damn it confused people.

Tarzan may have played a strange game – making big moves perhaps too early – but he will be remembered for being an ultimate top bloke. We’ll miss you jungle king.

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