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The Internet Thinks Literally Everyone Is A “Badder Bitch” Than Taylor Swift

Needlessly controversial pop-star Taylor Swift has a new ~bad-girl~ persona that she debuted alongside the release of her new album Reputation. It’s about as convincingly badass as a suburban mall-goth, but hey, the important thing is that she’s having fun.

Regardless of the effectiveness of this new look, there are still millions of fans that will support the megastar in just about any endeavour, including those who think that actually, she is pulling off Dark Taylor. One of these fans is Twitter user @xnulz, who in November posted a fairly innocuous tweet, asking what one assumes is a hypothetical question.

The internet, of course, did not take it hypothetically, and decided to nominate a few women they considered to be “badder” than Taylor Swift. And hoo-boy, when I say a few, I mean literally hundreds. Check out that comment to like ratio!

History seems to be the home of many badder bitches, including pirate queens, tank-driving Nazi killers, spies and emancipators. But you know, Taylor has been very outspoken about her feud with Katy Perry.

There are also some more personal examples that people could think of, women who may have overcome slightly higher stakes than the pop-country idol.

Then there were some alternative suggestions.

Via Junkee.

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