taylor swift eras tour outfit meaning

The Meaning Behind Every New Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfit

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Swifties, it’s time for some homework.

Taylor Swift has debuted a whole new host of outfits on her Eras Tour, and because we know that she does absolutely nothing without shoving four thousand sneaky details into them, we need to get cracking with decoding these new looks. Especially as there are, *checks notes* 23 new looks to unpack. 

So let’s get into the mayhem, shall we?!

Taylor Swift’s new Lover bodysuit on Eras Tour

For those who watched the first leg of the tour, you’ll know that Taylor wore a pink bedazzled bodysuit for the opening segment of the show. She wears this look for ‘Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’ and ‘Cruel Summer’ before popping on a sparkly blazer dress for a few more tracks. 

taylor swift lover bodysuit

Image credit: @taylorswift Instagram

But now she’s switched to an orange version of this bodysuit – calling on Versace to whip up an identical bodysuit and slinging on some new Christian Louboutin boots to match.

taylor swift lover bodysuit

Image credit: Getty

There seems to be a switch to more orange, red and yellow throughout the whole of the concert, which people think might be an adorable nod to Travis Kelce as his football team – the Kansas City Chiefs – wear red and gold as their colours. 

Taylor Swift’s new Fearless dress on Eras Tour

All the Fearless girlies who donned sparkly gold dresses to the Eras Tour may be feeling a little cheesed off now, as Ms Swift has changed the colour palette completely. Fearless is now silver. 

taylor swift fearless dress

Taylor’s old Fearless Eras Tour outfit. Image credit: Getty

Taylor debuted the change at her Paris Eras Tour show, also changing up the graphics and video intros to this segment of the concert. The only theory to this is that now more of her other looks are in that warm yellow and orange palette, she needed Fearless to look a little different. Plus, it sits nicely with the Tortured Poets colour scheme, which I’ll get into shortly – DON’T PANIC. 

taylor swift fearless dress

Taylor’s new Fearless Eras Tour outfit. Image credit: Getty

Taylor Swift’s new RED t-shirt on Eras Tour

One of Taylor’s most iconic music video looks is her t-shirt from ‘22’. While it usually says “Not a lot going on” across the front, she’s been switching the slogan up during her Eras Tour. And the latest edition is the one she donned in Paris which read: “This is not Taylor’s Version.”

Obviously, this slogan comes as a big F U to Scooter Braun after he refused to give Taylor her masters back – triggering her to release a whole host of re-records. This t-shirt is a not-so-gentle reminder that Swifites should always be listening to Taylor’s Version songs.

Taylor Swift’s new 1989 set on Eras Tour

For the 1989 portion of the show, Taylor has been wearing a matching Roberto Cavalli top and skirt set – rotating through blue, red and green across the tour so far. 


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But she’s shaken this up and is now wearing a top and skirt set in different colours and pairing them with equally mismatched Christian Louboutin boots.

taylor swift 1989 tour

Taylor on her 1989 tour. Image credit: Getty

Theories are that this new style is reminiscent of the outfits she wore during the 1989 world tour back in 2015 – a lovely little nod to fans who made it to that show and are still with her at Eras.

Taylor Swift’s new Reputation bodysuit on Eras Tour

You should be delighted to hear that there were no sartorial changes made to the Reputation section of the tour. The one-legged red and black sparkly bodysuit remains. HURRAH!

taylor swift reputation bodysuit

Ahh. Praise be the Reputation bodysuit. Image credit: Getty

Taylor Swift’s new The Tortured Poets Department outfits on Eras Tour

In case you missed it (which is nearly impossible, so bravo if you did), Taylor Swift debuted a Tortured Poets set within the Eras Tour during her Paris show. Seven new songs have been added to the set list, and with them four new outfits have joined the party.

The first, and most documented, is the Tortured Poets ballgown. This Vivienne Westwood mullet dress (paired with, you guessed it, Christian Louboutin boots) has Taylor’s lyrics scribbled all over it – with “I love you, it’s ruining my life” written over and over again. 


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The white colour of the gown obviously ties into the established Tortured Poets palette, but it also mimics Taylor’s Grammys look – aka the outfit she was wearing when she announced TTPD


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There’s another theory about this dress we need to discuss: that it looks a little too much like a wedding gown. Throughout TTPD there is a whole bunch of marriage and proposal imagery, so perhaps this dress is a nod to that messaging. One more theory feels like a bit of a stretch, but I’ll list it here anyway for the drama. The way that the dress is designed (higher at the front) has been compared to a bride gathering up her dress to make a speedy exit from the ceremony – it’s giving “running with my dress unbuttoned” from ‘But Daddy I Love Him’. 

The dress is then pulled off during an on-stage set change, to reveal a sparkly black or white bra and matching high-waisted undies which she wears to perform ‘I Can Do It With A Broken Heart’.

A pair of black boots and a jacket with tails are added to the undies for her performance look, and this – combined with the military style jacket she wears with her Vivienne Westwood dress during ‘The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived’ – makes for quite the throwback to her RED world tour where she wore this look.

File:Taylor Swift RED Tour (8642419792).jpg

Image credit: Wiki Media Commons

Perhaps she was just as much of a tortured poet back then?

Okay, that’s it for the outfit updates until Taylor whips out a whole new wardrobe for an upcoming Eras Tour concert – which, knowing her, will be in about three minutes. 

Image credit: Getty + Punkee