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John Mayer & Shawn Mendes Roasted Taylor Swift’s Song Lyrics & Fans Are Fuming

Shawn Mendes and John Mayer have roasted Taylor Swift’s lyrics for her hit song ‘Lover’ and the Swifties are out for blood.

Shawn came on John’s Current Mood Instagram Live talk show and when referencing Taylor’s lyric where she says, “We could leave the Christmas lights up ’til January,” John had a few things to say in reply.

“You’re insane,” he began. “Everyone keeps their Christmas lights up until January. And I go, ‘Can you really?’ Because normally I take my Christmas lights down on December 29,’” he told Shawn, who laughed along.

John then went on to rewrite Taylor’s lyrics, singing “We can keep the Christmas lights up ’til January. And then about January 5th, we’ll take the lights down. And then we’ll put ’em in a box and we’ll label that box Christmas Lights. Yeah, we’ll put ’em in the attic until next December.”

Watch the video for yourself below:

Tbh, it’s pretty funny.

It’s clearly just two people having a laugh but considering that Shawn is featuring on a new version of the song and John is infamously Taylor’s ex, fans of the pop star are not taking it well.

The Swifties have taken to Twitter to call them both out for coming for Taylor:

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to put ‘Lover’ on at full blast to get rid of all these bad vibes.