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Tenille Walked Tonight On Bachy & Err… No One Really Understands Why?

ICYMI Tenille has walked away from The Bachelor and we’re extremely confused. Umm… WTF just happened?!

Out of nowhere and following a successful solo date last week, Tenille decided to leave the show tonight, saying “It’s a matter of time before he sends me home.”

However, from where we sat as viewers this didn’t make much sense.

It seemed especially odd, as intruder Jamie-Lee appeared to be the obvious choice to get the boot tonight, considering on her date with Nick they had about as much sexual chemistry as two baked potatoes.

Triggered from last ep’s lie detector challenge, Tenille said she was struggling to open up to Bachy, while also saying she wanted him to make more effort. In short, her explanation was a confused mess.

After a short convo, Tenille ended up in tears and said she wanted to keep her dignity by avoiding a rose ceremony. Nick didn’t ask her to stay and off she went.

“I don’t know if we’re going to be able to get through that barrier that’s been put up,” Nick said, before putting Tenille into a getaway car.

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!? Seriously. This doesn’t seem like enough of a reason to call it quits and we’re truly baffled.

Most viewers didn’t really understand what was going on.

And people were a little over the drama of it all.

Others, however, supported her decision and saw her point of view.

Well, at least the producers let her go this time.

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