Meet The Teams About To Compete In The 2021 Season Of ‘The Amazing Race’

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The Amazing Race Australia is starting back up on our TV screens on February 1st this year, and the 14 teams set to take part have finally been announced.

Competing for a grand prize of $250,000, the show sees couples, siblings, best friends, cousins, and influencers take on the challenge of navigating our own big backyard right here in Australia, all in the pursuit of adventure and the big bucks.

Tackling the great variety of the Aussie outdoors won’t be an easy task, but the 14 teams are ready to take on whatever is thrown their way when it comes to challenges, sabotages, and more.

Meet the teams competing on the 2021 season of The Amazing Race, Australia!

the amazing race australia 2021

Alex and Jack, NSW

Alex Jack the amazing race australia

These twin models love to bicker, but it’ll be game face on and a united front when they take on The Amazing Race this year.

Jaskirat and Anurag, NSW

Jaskirat and Anurag Amazing Race

Best mates Jaskirat and Anurag met at a Summer Sikh camp 10 years ago and are extremely proud of their culture and want to show Australia what the Sikh fighting spirit is all about! Both men said they would use the prize money to travel the globe… after uhh, this pandemic ends, I guess.

Ashleigh and Amanda, QLD

Ashleigh Amanda the amazing race

Influencers Ashleigh and Amanda met by commenting on each other’s Instagram posts, and have been best friends ever since. With close to 150k followers between them, the Gold Coast girls love all things outdoors, travel, and adventure, which sounds like the description of every Tinder bio I’ve ever seen.

Brendon and Jackson, NSW

Brendon Jackson The Amazing Race

Yeehaw! Brendon and Jackson met through rodeoing over 10 years ago and have been friends ever since. Both said they’d use the $250,000 prize money on their kids… and a new set of teeth for Brendon. Fair enough.

Chris and Aleisha, QLD

Chris Aleisha Amazing Race Australia

Aleisha is a former Disney princess, having spent 12 years working as a princess in Disneyland. She’s swapping the tiara for racing boots with her “nerdy” husband, Chris. They’ve already said they’ll do whatever it takes to win.

Shane and Deb, NSW

Shane and Deb have had their fair share of struggles, with Shane battling prostate cancer and Deb losing her gym during the pandemic. With Shane’s health now taking a positive turn, the couple are looking at the $250,000 prize money as a way to get them back on track after some difficult years.

Dwes and Katherine, WA

This deadly duo may butt heads, but they’re united in their desire to be positive role models for their community. They hope that by running the race, they’ll inspire their young Aboriginal Australians to dream big.

Holy and Dolor, NSW

Dolor slid into Holly’s DM’s five years ago, and they’ve been dating ever since (and yet, I can’t even get a text back from Menulog). Dolor is related to the Nigerian Royal Family, so he’s ready to chase the winning crown for this year’s Amazing Race.

Jobelle and Rani, VIC

As a child in the Philippines, Jobelle promised herself that she would one day go on The Amazing Race with her dad – and now, she’s doing it! This dynamic duo look to be a real threat for the other competition.

Jordan and Violeta, VIC

Having dated in high school, the pair are now close friends and dance partners who have travelled the world representing Australia. But can they race as well as they can dance? Time will tell.

Jude and Shannon, QLD

Jude and Shannon are best friends who met through their kids. No longer running after children, these mums will throw their all into finally doing something for themselves.

Malaan and Tina, VIC

Malaan and Tina were born in South Sudan, and they moved to other parts of Africa as refugees, before making their way to Australia. They’re now super excited for the opportunity to explore their backyard on the race.

Sefa and Jessica, NSW

Sefa and Jess are ready to take their unfiltered friendship on tour. Determined to win, and mow down anyone in their way, Sefa and Jess love to trash-talk, and constantly get on each other’s nerves.

Skye-Blue and Jake, VIC

Jake is 6’5 (in case that matters) and thinks his height will be a huge asset to their team during the race. Skye-Blue was born without a left hand, but after years of people underestimating her, she’s determined to prove she can do whatever she wants… including winning The Amazing Race.