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Meet The Women Vying For Jimmy’s Heart On ‘The Bachelor’

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The premiere of The Bachelor 2021 is just days away and with two of Australia’s biggest cities in lockdown, some light-hearted drama and ongoing romance can’t come fast enough.

Pilot Jimmy Nicholson is ready to go soaring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that he can’t reach, as he takes on the task of dating many beautiful women in the hopes of finding love.

So get your rosé ready, load up on snacks, and let’s meet the women who are vying for Jimmy’s heart on the upcoming season of The Bachelor Australia.

Here are the women set to star in Jimmy’s season of The Bachelor:

Lily, 23, Crane Operator


Lily says she has a lot of love to give, but is a hard girl to crack, which should be interesting given time is of the essence on a show like The Bachelor. She compares her love life to Sex and the City, hoping she’ll find her very own Mr. Big which is, well, mildly concerning.

Sierah, 28, Technical Analyst


An alpha female who loves watching UFC, Sierah describes herself as a Ferroro Rocher – hard on the outside, and soft and nutty on the inside. After getting sick of flicking through Tinder and Hinge, Sierah said she was sick of wasting her time on “duds” and is looking for a partner in life to settle down with. I feel ya, Sierah.

Madison, 24, Marketing Coordinator


Describing herself as the “blonde girl next door” (you must always state the hair colour with this description, obviously), Madison’s profile says she sometimes embellishes the truth for dramatic effect and hates when people interrupt her while speaking. Personally, I can’t wait to keep an eye on her at the upcoming cocktail parties.

Rebekah, 27, Youth Support Worker


Rebekah loves a cheeky gossip and admits that secrets aren’t safe with her, so let’s hope no one calls the Bachy a dog c*nt this season. This high energy youth worker is sick of being ghosted and would love to be a foster mum one day.

Laura, 28, Speech Pathologist


Laura is a passionate animal lover and a big Lord of The Rings fan. She said she applied for the show because she’s dated her fair share of guys who have been dating multiple women at the same time, so at least this time she’d know about it. Queen.

Lauren, 29, Office Administrator


Another one who describes herself with a tough exterior and soft on the inside (I’m sensing a pattern here), Lauren compares her love life to Bridget Jones’s Diary – perpetually single, going for the wrong men, and waiting for Mr. Right.

Elena, 33, Personal Trainer


Elena is a PT who said the craziest thing she’s done in lockdown is 100kg hip thrusts off her couch. Meanwhile some of us are drinking a bottle of wine every night, and thrashing around to My Chemical Romances’s ‘I’m Not Okay’ while ignoring our neighbours’ pleas to “turn that crap off.”

Slow down, Elena! You’re out of control.

Hannah, 26, Registered Nurse


Hannah also uses Bridget Jones’s Diary to describe her love life, stating she’s looking for her Mr. Darcy. Gosh, first Mr. Big and now Mr. Darcy???? Who’s next on the dream partner list, serial gaslighter Derek Shepherd?

Jay, 31, Nutritionist


Down-to-earth and ready to settle down, Jay is a former Miss India-New Zealand and loves all things travel and adventures. She’s now chosen Sydney as her forever home (quite convenient!) and is ready to find someone to spend the rest of her life with.

Jacinta, 29, Executive Recruiter


Jacinta applied for The Bachelor for a simple reason I’m sure many of us can relate to: “I have had no luck in finding the right person. I basically see a red flag and run towards it. I needed some help!” she said.

It really do be like that.

Stephanie, 27, Business Development Officer


With a dry and sarcastic sense of humour, Stephanie is an avid gamer and her friends label her as “every guy’s dream girl.” But will she be Jimmy’s? Time will tell.

Holly, 27, Marketing Manager


Holly describes herself as a sweet snack – a Caramello koala, because she’s all gooey on the inside. Yikes. She offers banter, loyalty, and a 4.8 Uber rating for her potential partner – the important things, obviously.

Brooke, 27, Occupational Therapist


Brooke says she isn’t the type of girl to get into a relationship with just “anybody” – she needs that special spark. Some would say that’s exactly like, well, the rest of the single population. She’s looking for a tall, dark-haired alpha male, with blue/green/or hazel eyes – I guess they just better not be brown.

If any man is reading this, I am looking for someone with eyes.

Belinda, 29, Criminal Lawyer


Brooke describes herself as a “cyclone” (Cyrell is shaking!) who leaves a trail of drama and destruction wherever she goes. BRB, grabbing the popcorn.

Ash, 34, Dance Teacher


Ash’s dream date is a hot balloon or helicopter ride to “somewhere special”, so we’re thrilled to announce she’s found herself on the right show.

Chanel, 34, Flight Manager


All aboard The Bachelor airways, Chanel is here and ready to prove to Jimmy she’s willing to be his co-pilot. Chanel reckons dating apps have removed the best part about meeting men out in the wild (citing body language, chemistry, and chivalry) and girl, we couldn’t agree more.

Ashleigh, 28, Speech Pathologist


Enthusiastic Ashleigh describes herself as, *check notes*, the uh ‘bubbliest, most enthusiastic, freckle’. When she’s not out there being a bubbly freckle (?!), Ashleigh is looking for someone who’s willing to commit to a relationship for the long-haul.

Carlie, 33, Corporate Lawyer


With her parents as her role models (46 years of marriage and counting!), lawyer Carlie has the bar set high (no pun intended) and is looking for someone to start a family with after working hard at her career for the past few years.

Tamlyn, 25, Customer Service Officer


Originally from South Africa, Tamlyn is full of life and bears no filter, and like 99.8% of men on Hinge she describes her love language as “physical touch”.

Stevie, 29, Hair Stylist


Comparing herself to Blair from Gossip Girl because of her high standards (Um, has she met Chuck Bass? lmao), Stevie’s nan apparently describes her as a “vibrant sexy chicken” and a “great cook”.  Can’t relate, my Nan describes me as “well, can you just go to the sperm bank then if you can’t find a man?”

Tatum, 26, Company Director


This opinionated company director loves to be the centre of attention and worries that men can find her too intimidating – and to that we say, fuck them right off Tatum, no one needs that petty energy. You do you, boo, change for no one.

Annabelle, 28, Medical Equipment Installer


With her friends describing her as “authentic” and “quirky”, Annabelle says the kind of guy that normally turns her head is a dark-haired, tanned skin, blue or green-eyed beau… we can’t help but think she’s in luck this season then.

Tahnee, 27, Corporate Travel Manager

the bachelor tahnee

Passionate about travel (remember travel?? Ahh those were the days), Tahnee describes herself as mentally strong and is good at reading people and giving logical advice. It sounds like she’ll be a real asset in the Bachy house!

The Bachelor premieres this Wednesday, July 21, on Channel 10 at 7:30pm.