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Abbie Might Be The Horniest Bachy Contestant Ever & Hot Damn, We Are Here For It

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It’s official. Abbie is the horniest contestant in the history of The Bachelor and we’re obsessed.

Things truly heated up on tonight’s episode, as Matt and Abbie got closer on their date. The mics picked up Abbie telling our Bachy: “I just really want to have sex with you. I’m really horny.” Ummm. GET IT, BITCH.

“I feel like this is wrong timeslot for what I want to do to him,” she continued in a piece to camera. We are extremely here for Abbie just owning wanting to bang Matt ASAP.

Many viewers are all for Abbie just being straight-up about her horniness.

A lot has been said about Abbie this season: there’s no denying she’s a polarising character who divides opinion.

First, she was the girl who told the Bachelor someone called him a “dog c**t.” Then thanks to Monique, Sogand and Elly, she became known as the snake in the house who ‘wasn’t there for the right reasons’…whatever that means? But lately, viewers have started to turn on Abbie simply for the fact that she is vocal about her sexual needs.

I won’t entertain some of the vulgar and misogynistic things Abbie has been called but over the past few weeks the slut-shaming going down on Twitter and across dedicated Facebook groups is getting out of control.

Abbie has said repeatedly that she’s only there for one reason: for Matt. And isn’t that the point of this whole shitshow?

The girl just wants to fuck the hot man she is dating. DON’T WE ALL?!