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Bachy’s Abbie Claps Back At People Blaming Her For Matt & Chelsie’s Breakup

Over the weekend, a massive Bachy bomb was dropped. Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod announced their split — making their romance the shortest The Bachelor relationship to date…aside from Blake Garvey and Sam Frost, of course.

Following the announcement of the split, runner-up Abbie Chatfield posted a statement to her Instagram story after getting tagged in a bunch of comments. She went on to confirm that she’s no longer in contact with Matt and had nothing to do with his breakup with Chelsie.

Read it in full below:

Abbie later posted to her Instagram story a screenshot of a message sent to her that simply said, “You are to blame,” and she was not having it.

She was also accused of “baiting” by err…posting photos to her own Instagram. The below image went up on Abbie’s ‘gram yesterday and had a handful of comments saying it was posted purely to reel Matt back in.

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This set makes me feel powerful af @houseofcb

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Abbie clapped back at one commenter who said that “all Abbie’s posts when the show finished have been bait.” Ugh, or they are just photos she felt like posting???

It might be time for people to let Abbie just live her own damn life and move on from attacking the woman over a show that ended months ago,

Following the split, Chelsie also posted to her Instagram story to request that her followers stop sending her articles, which are assumedly about her and Matt, adding, “It won’t help.”

the bachelor split abbie chelsie matt

We are sending all our love to Matt and Chelsie at this upsetting time.