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Abbie Did Elly Dirty On Tonight’s ‘Bachy’ & Viewers Are Out For Blood

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Just when we thought the drama had simmered down with Abbie on The Bachelor, tonight’s episode saw round two but this time between Abbie and OG fave Ellie.

Shit got real as the girls had to choose amongst themselves which two ladies would get a date card and score extra time with Matt before the rose ceremony. Sogand was quick to grab a card while one remained on the table.

Elly took it upon herself to grab the date card but eventually Abbie convinced Elly to give it to her, despite Elly saying she didn’t feel good about her current status with Matt. Elly then vented in a private interview, complaining, “Abbie can talk the bloody talk. I mean, I need this card and somehow put her before myself.”

Most of the girls sided with Elly, as Emma and Sogand reminded her of all the extra time Abbie had spent with Matt.

Abbie’s argument was that Elly has had two dates with Matt, while she had officially only had one — along with plenty of extra time from winning group dates and pashing in orchards.

Most viewers are siding firmly with Elly on this:

Then during her time with Matt, all Abbie talked about was the raspberries on the cheese board.

People are less than impressed:

I’m sure this is only the beginning of Abbie Vs. Elly.