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It’s Time To Admit The Bachy Alpacas Are The Real Stars Of The Show

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Over the years on The Bachelor, there have been some undercover stars of the show and no, we aren’t talking about Osher Gunsberg and his hair.

Amongst all the drama, arguments, tears, pashes, and sporadic love stories, the alpacas of the Bachy mansion have seen it all. Really, they’ve probably seen things that have traumatised them for life. Have you ever heard one of the alpacas talk openly and honestly about the chocolate bath scene? I didn’t think so.

The alpacas are all-knowing. They probably know who wins before the actual Bachelor does. They see the good, the bad, and the ugly, and the shots to them slowly nosing their way into scenes at the cocktail party to figure out WTF is going on, are all too relatable.

The alpacas have their own names, but they’re most fondly referred to as three former Bachelors: Matty J, Richie, and Sam Wood.

If you’re wondering who the dashing boy with the underbite is that always appears smiling or chewing on our screens in the midst of all the drama, it’s Matty J of course (otherwise known as Chewy).

Apparently this season the alpacas are most fond of Izzy (is this a secret message?) but they spend most of their time chasing the girls when they attempt to go to the gym.

“Every time one of us girls would walk down to the gym, the alpacas would chase us which would cause an absolute scene,” Maddy said, with Bella citing her favourite alpaca memory was when one sneezed on Izzy.

Steph also mentioned a near-death experience for the women involving the cheeky lads. “The alpacas came after us out of nowhere (probably wanted food) at which point it became an every woman for herself situation. I’ve never seen a group of women run so damn fast and then slide under, through, or over the closest fence. Except Izzy who just stood her ground and then pet them… Alpaca whisperer,” she said.

While it’s yet to be heard if more alpacas will join the trio – suggested names, Honey Badger, Locky, AstroBachy – we’re always grateful for the small snippets of these boys that we get to see.

Here’s something we prepared from a previous season.

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Now alpacas, blink twice if Irena wins.