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A US Bachelor Contestant Is Faking An Aussie Accent For Some Reason

Even though we’ve had have our fair share of Bachelor drama over the years, the US version of the show is next-level extra.

Sure, the Honey Badger infuriated us and Blake Garvey was the worst, but most of the time we get a delightful enough love story to invest ourselves in.

Enter the US version of The Bachelor — the gimmicks, drama and love story are always heightened to be borderline ridiculous and this next season looks no different.

Colton Underwood is this year’s Bachelor and some sneak peeks of his red carpet visits are being released and one in particular caught our attention.

When introduced to a lovely lady named Bri, Colton comments on her accent and in a slightly muddled accent she tells him she’s Australian.

colton the bachelor
the bachelor colton

Except as Bri tells the camera later, she’s not exactly being honest.

the bachelor

the bachelor

Honestly, please watch the full exchange below, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

Is this lie going to take her down (under)?

Posted by The Bachelor on Thursday, 3 January 2019

I guess this is the fix we need until our version of Paradise starts.