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Umm Someone Might Have Called The Bachelor A “Dog C**t” & Viewers Are Losing Their Shit

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Hoeeee boy. That was some heavy drama. During a date between Abbie and Matt on The Bachelor some piping hot tea was spilt and I-I-I…have no words.

OK. Let’s start at the beginning. During a spa sesh, after securing a rose, Abbie revealed to Matt that she had overheard Monique bad-mouthing him. “Monique in particular was saying things about you,” she told Matt. “Okay there was a phrase that was said that I wanted to tell you but I don’t want to upset you.”

Abbie then dropped this bombshell: “She said that you were a ‘dog c**t’ and a ‘disrespectful pig.'” OH. Okie dokie then.

Abbie & Matt

The truth is finally out and Matt is NOT thrilled with what's been going on behind his back. #TheBachelorAU

Posted by The Bachelor Australia on Wednesday, 14 August 2019

While one of the words was beeped out, we can all fill in the blanks. For the first time in what I can assume in the series’ long history, a contestant has called the Bachelor…a dog c**t. Let that sink in for a minute.

Viewers have obviously lost it a bit over the insult in question, which tbh is pretty fucking funny.

Most viewers have seen the humour in the entire shitshow:

This is the greatest loss of all.

In short: this is the most Australian thing to ever happen on TV.