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LOL: Tonight’s Bachy Retold In Hilarious Tweets

The bell has rang and The Bachelor has arrived for a second time this week to teach us all about love. Get ready fam ‘cos class is in session.

Tonight we learnt a few things. Firstly, being made to commit to a 10-year plan with a man you’ve been on one date with is perfectly fine. Secondly, no one should ever, and I mean EVER, give Abbie a paintbrush again.

But most importantly we learnt that all that matters is that we all had fun…well, fun laughing at the misfortune of others on Twitter.

Tonight’s The Bachelor retold in hilarious tweets:

Helena earned a second date where she was forced to plan a decade of her life with Matt. She was far from thrilled.

While the date started off awkwardly, a moonlit bathtime sesh brought back the romance.

On the group date, the girls were inspired by Art Simone to paint a portrait of their inner queen. Abbie seized the chance to flirt with Matt.

Abbie’s self-portrait will haunt us all forever.

At the cocktail party, Elly got cross with Abbie and spilled the tea to Matt regarding Abbie’s disingenuous intentions.

And at the rose ceremony our China queen, Kristen, was sent packing.

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