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Tonight’s Hectic Bachy Episode Retold In Hilarious Tweets

Another week, another two nights of The Bachelor mayhem and this week it’s all about Abbie versus Sogand.

It’s the greatest clash of the modern age, except we only learnt these people existed three weeks ago. The drama kicked off in a challenge that saw Abbie position herself above all the other ladies when it came to having the traits that Matt seeks in a partner. It left the other girls wondering if Abbie is there for the right reasons or just to play the game.

One thing we did learn tonight is that Nikki is a precious gift we don’t deserve. And as usual, the live-tweeting was out of control.

Tonight’s The Bachelor episode retold in funny tweets:

Emma finally scored a single date with Matt and they did some weird taste-testing experiment.

They shared some wine and cheese before Matt gifted Emma errr…some weird wooden thing. Emma got a rose and a pash.

The group challenge was savage as the women had to rank each other according to qualities Matt looks for in a partner.

Abbie is the best at everything! What are the chances!

It ended with Abbie and Brianna fighting it out for a rose but Brianna forgot how to talk in an awkward encounter with Matt.

Sogand confronted Abbie about her alleged lies but she quickly stormed off.

The rose ceremony was replaced with Matt giving out roses “live” and in the end Nikki got a rose but Brianna missed out.