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Someone Spotted ‘The Bachelor’ Filming A Group Zoom Date & This Is The Weirdest Timeline

We’re all in desperate need of a reality TV fix right now, and the idea that we might have to wait until later this year (or even next year) to see The Bachelor physically pains me. Haven’t we suffered enough?

The reality dating show suspended filming in March and many assumed (us included) that given the restrictions from the pandemic, The Bachelor would be unable to resume filming any time soon as, you know, physical contact is a pretty integral part of the show. But according to an account relayed on the Stav, Abby & Matt show, “The Bachelor is underway filming, they’re doing it via Zoom.”

Oh god. This is the weirdest timeline.

Matt told his cohosts that a friend of his just watched a Bachelor group Zoom date go down in their neighbourhood. “[My friend said that] there was, on a picnic rug, a girl on a laptop with a TV crew. They’re filming, and she was on a date with the Bachelor,” he said. “They were Zoom dating yesterday.”

Like most Bachy dates, there was some weird twist. “This date, in classic Bachelor style, involved dress-up. Apparently all the girls had to wear onesies, so she’s in her backyard in a onesie on a Zoom date, with all the other girls,” he said.

Sounds like a classic Bachy stitch-up.

The woman on the date was apparently wearing a dog onesie and at one point she performed “dog tricks” for Locky. Matt said that while she seemed happy enough during the call with Locky, afterwards she exploded at a producer. “When the laptop closes, she apparently spews and cuts sick at the producer, saying how embarrassing that was, and how humiliating [it was] that she had to be in a onesie!” Matt said.

This whole date sounds awkward for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because Zoom dates tend to be super weird and lack any kind of intimacy — something pretty necessary for building a connection on The Bachelor.

This is going to be a season unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Listen to the full clip here.

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