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‘The Bachelor’ Finale Retold In Hilarious Tweets

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We made it! We’re here! After a seven-week season of The Bachelor that definitely… happened, tonight Northern Beaches Bachy, Jimmy Nicholson, picked his winner, choosing between Sydneysider Holly Kingston and Melburnian Brooke Cleal.

The finale location did not disappoint, instead of being in some tropical international location (that’s COVID bby!), Jimmy got to make his decision on home soil in the Northern Territory. But first, the women had to charm Jimmy’s family, with his mum, dad, sister, and cousin grilling Brooke and Holly in order to decide who would be a better match for Jimbo. They weren’t helpful! Jimmy’s dad was Team Brooke, while his mum was firmly on Team Holly.

However, if viewers held any uncertainty over which lady Jimmy himself was leaning towards, he dropped a pretty big hint in his date choices. While Brooke copped a 5am hot balloon ride and a billabong picnic, Holly got to fly over Uluru, before she and Jimmy watched the sunset over our country’s most sacred landmark, in one of this show’s most spectacular dates so far. Between her brother trying to cockblock her and this, Brooke cannot catch a damn break.

This theme continued when Jimmy dumped her, telling her they “have to say goodbye”. Brooke was pissed, and you can’t blame her: she came back on the show after her grandfather passed away, then travelled to Alice Springs, all for Jimmy to break her heart. Jimmy told Holly that he was in love with her and I’m sure they’ll be popping out a couple of little blonde Northern Beaches babies any day now.

As with every single episode of The Bachelor, the tweets made everything more enjoyable.

Tonight’s The Bachelor finale retold via funny tweets:

Finale is here! We’re in the Northern Territory and Osher is in front of Uluru! Jimmy consulted with his family over who he should pick, before he introduced Brooke to the gang.

Brooke overshared to Jimmy’s family’s, then Jimmy’s mum grilled Brooke about her son’s concerns that she isn’t independent enough. The mum is not sold on Brooke, telling the family that she found her too intense.

Holly is next: she got deep with Jimmy’s dad but afterwards when consulting with Jimmy, he said that his son should pick Brooke as Holly is too similar to Jimmy’s exes. But his mum remained firmly Team Holly, leaving Jimmy even more confused.

Jimmy took Brooke on her final date to go hot air ballooning. They shared a bottle of wine and reflected on their time together, then Brooke admitted she’s fallen in love.

Holly and Jimmy charter a plane over Uluru. They then watch the sunset and awkwardly bump into Jimmy’s folks. That evening, Jimmy told Holly that she reminds him of his exes… something every woman longs to hear.

It’s final decision time! Jimmy dumped Brooke, leaving her heartbroken.

Bad news for Brooke, but good news for Holly! Jimmy told Holly that he is in love with her, giving her a ring to symbolise his commitment to their future.

It’s over! We’re free… well, until The Bachelorette kicks off.