Two Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Have Updated Their Instagram Captions & They’re Damn Savage

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Two former contestants from this season of The Bachelor have updated their Instagram captions from their time on the show and they absolutely didn’t hold back.

In case you need a refresher, this year Jimmy Nicholson stepped in as the leading man for The Bachelor. He chose Holly Kingston in the epic Northern Territory finale and the two have now moved in together and seem to be living their best, loved-up life.

The season wasn’t without drama and some of the girls who were on the season have spoken out since saying disparaging things about both Jimmy and Holly.

Two contestants who haven’t been shy about speaking their minds are Stephanie Lynch and Laura O’Loughlin. “I was told by a couple of girls in the house that Holly was going around saying, ‘She only got a single date because the producers wanted her to’ and ‘Jimmy’s not interested in her’,” Laura divulged in an interview to Yahoo. She also spilt a lot of tea during an interview with So Dramatic! recently, calling out the producers of the show for plotting and planting the drama.

Now Stephanie and Laura have both taken to Instagram to update the captions on the photos of their time on The Bachelor. This year has been the first year that production/a third party has taken over the cast’s Instagram accounts while they were on the show, turning comments off and keeping captions on the show’s photos to just the pre-approved basics. And Stephanie and Laura’s new, updated captions aren’t holding back at all when it comes to their real feelings about the show and Jimmy Nicholson.

Take a look at The Bachelor‘s Stephanie and Laura’s updated Instagram captions below:

Stephanie’s not afraid to state exactly how she feels. stephanie lynch the bachelor

This one is particularly hilarious, showing Steph isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself too:

stephanie lynch the bachelor

Laura’s wishing for the benefit of hindsight:

laura the bachelor

And she’s not scared to state how she really felt about the season. 

And this one is an absolute winner. 

Laura and Stephanie aren’t the first former Bachy contestants to go rogue on Instagram when their contracts have expired. Late last year former Bachelor in Paradise star Renee Barrett did a similar thing following her split from Matt Whyatt, who she left the show with, even asking for a refund on one of their pics together.


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As they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Keep the laughs coming, fam.