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Kaitlyn From ‘The Bachelor’ On Her Connection With Locky: “He Didn’t Give Me Closure”

Kaitlyn Hoppe came in as an early intruder on The Bachelor, surprising the group photo shoot date in a wedding dress, ready to meet her groom Locky Gilbert.

After getting some solo time with him, and exploring their connection further in Love in Lockdown, Kaitlyn made it to the top five as the only lady not to have been taken on a proper single date. “It’s pretty impressive,” she joked to Punkee, when asked about it.

Fans of The Bachelor didn’t see any deep moments between Locky and Kaitlyn, but she assured us they were there and that his decision to eliminate her left her feeling “heartbroken.” Locky went as far as to ask Kaitlyn about whether her family and friends would like him, so she thought she would be going through to hometowns.

From Locky’s empty promises, to the fact she actually hates ice cream, to Irena’s very real love of hiking, Kaitlyn spilt the tea to us about her time on The Bachelor.

On Locky not giving her a single date:

“I pulled him up on not giving me a single date. I said ‘why did Bec get a single date straight away? Why did Izzy?’. We had such a great connection in Lockdown. He said to me, ‘I trust the connection we have, I just have to see if it’s there with other girls.’ I was very surprised I didn’t make hometowns. The whole time it just felt like empty promises. He just kind of made out that he ran out of time.”

On thinking she was through to hometowns:

“I felt really good. I felt like it was going somewhere. And at that last cocktail party he said, ‘I can’t wait to meet your friends and family, will your family like me? Is there anything I should be aware of?’ so yeah, I found it really strange to not get a rose. I was in shock.

“I asked him (when he walked me out) and I said ‘I’m very confused’ and he said ‘maybe it’s too late.’ I felt heartbroken, he didn’t give me closure. If you’re going to do that, just give me some closure.”

On the Bella and Irena feud:

“I asked them a few times, because I wanted to get the story straight. My opinion is they had a fight in lockdown, it was something over text or a phone call. I think Bella maybe got jealous of Irena talking to Locky as much as she was. I think Bella had a plan and it wasn’t going to plan, and it blew up because Irena had a connection with him.”

On the fact Irena actually really loves hiking:

“This is one of the biggest things I’m most passionate about! Irena likes hiking, she talking about it friggin 24/7! She literally goes into detail about the hikes she goes on. That’s how she and Locky bonded. She’s obsessed with hiking, and them saying she doesn’t do it, I just had to laugh, like, you’re just making shit up. Go on her Instagram!”

On everyone being portrayed accurately:

“I do believe everyone was themselves on the show. There may be stuff people are embarrassed about but it was just caught on camera. I think some people at the beginning weren’t there for the right reasons but I honestly believe that the show has presented everyone accurately, and they’re getting backlash because they’ve portrayed what people were like in there. It is a pressure cooker, but that’s what people want to see right?”

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On people blaming “editing” and learning to shrug off negative comments:

“I shrugged it off, people called my extensions shit, so I got new extensions. You gotta move on, mate! I don’t take myself too seriously, sometimes I do get hurt but you’ve got to move on. My only thing was, they didn’t show much of me with Locky, but at least I know I did have that but it’s just not on TV.

“A lot of people are protective over their image and they want certain things in life. But we have decided to go on a reality TV show. So many people warn you, and you know what it’s like, so I never complain about it. The people who think they got the worst edit end up being the stars of the show anyway!”

On what surprised her watching the show back:

“I find Locky repeats the same sentences, the same little words to each girl. That surprised me. Like, wow he said that to me, he said that to her, and he said that to her. There was one moment where he said something on TV that was completely opposite to what he said to me. I can’t remember it sorry, but he seemed to hold back to me.”

On whether she’d do Bachelor In Paradise:

“I’d do Paradise! I need help. There’s no one on the Gold Coast, it sucks. I wanna see the new guys on The Bachelorette, I’ve seen a few pictures and I’m like damn. The guy with the costume? He had some wings on or something, he’s cute!”

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On who she thinks will win:

“I want Irena to win, but only if he treats her right. He’s gotta treat her right. She was 100% there for pure reasons. For me, it’s like… don’t you break her heart, I want her to win, but don’t break her heart.”

And on her biggest mansion secret – she actually hates ice cream:

“I HATE ice cream, that’s why I was awkward [eating it]. Juliette and I just used to eat the coating of the Magnum and throw out the ice cream. The coating is so good, Magnum should release that as a chocolate!”