Three New Promos For ‘The Bachelor’ Have Dropped & Yes, That’s Someone Dressed As A Penguin

Just in case Bachelor In Paradise wasn’t enough to grab your attention tonight, Channel 10 has also dropped a brand new promo for The Bachelor and it already looks batshit insane.

In new promos, we meet three of the girls vying for Locky’s heart: Bella, Steph, and Rosemary.

Locky seems to hit it off with all three. With Steph, he bonds over burritos.

He also admits that he can’t handle spicy food when she drops that she loves jalapenos. Colour me shocked.

Bella brings Locky a heart to wear on his sleeve, so he can always remember to, yep, you got it, wear his heart on his sleeve.

But it’s Rosemary’s entrance that has kept us guessing as to what happens next. Watch the latest Bachelor promo featuring Rosemary below:

The Bachelor is coming soon to Channel 10.