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OMFG, Bachy’s Rachael Just Called Matt A “F**cking Dog” On Live TV

Rachael may have been kicked out under dramatic circumstances in last night’s episode of The Bachelor but she’s kept the drama coming, calling Matt a “f**king dog” live on morning television.

In an absolute car crash interview on Channel 10’s Studio 10, Rachael and Nikki were asked if they had any final words for Matt Agnew and Rachael came out with “I’ll just leave it with a simple one: Fucking dog.”

Sarah Harris, co-host of Studio 10, was quick to wrap the segment up admonishing the girls. “We cannot say that on TV girls, we better wrap this up,” she said, as Rachael goes “Wait, is this live?”

Rachael wasn’t the only one to create havoc, with Nikki also starting her own mess with her “final words” to Matt.

“Matt, you look like a lesbian, which is why Rach has found her own lesbian in Vakoo,” she said.

Studio 10 apologised after an ad break.

“Before we get to showbiz, we need to apologise for a segment which aired a few minutes ago,” they said in regards to Rachael and Nikki’s comments at the end of the interview. “They both used language which was completely inappropriate for morning television. This is, of course, live television and it took us by surprise as well.”

Nikki has taken to her Instagram to ask people if they caught the scandalous interview:

nikki the bachelor australia

While her Facebook also repeated the comment about Matt:

nikki the bachelor

Twitter user, @DanielDmenzie, captured the interview which you can view below: 

And to think we only thought the drama happened in the house.