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Tonight’s Messy ‘The Bachelor’ Episode Retold Via Hilarious Tweets

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It’s a story as old as time: The Bachelor begins, we meet all the women, sparks fly, women cry, then all the biggest characters are forced to do a group photo shoot together — and oh boy, mayhem ensues!

This year’s antics were actually relatively tame. Sure, one of the contestants did kiss the Bachelor right in front of the rest of the ladies’ eyes, but no one kicked off about it. You know what they call that? Growth! That being said, a contestant did start an argument because someone pulled her hair. You know what they call that? I’m too old for this shit!

Sierah got on people’s nerves on tonight’s episode, first for getting handsy with Jimmy during the photo shoot, then for talking about it incessantly at the cocktail party, before picking a fight with Tahnee — leaving the poor girl in tears.

While Sierah was losing her goddamn mind, Brooke and Lily got closer to our Bachy, both scoring some solo time and getting a pash. Brooke did almost plummet to her death in order to get her kiss, as The Bachelor continues its long-held tradition of trying to kill contestants on dates. Next time a storm is brewing, maybe don’t go flying in a small (yes Jimmy, SMALL) plane.

Can we just have normal dates?! A cheeky trip to Bunnings is also quite the vibe, I’ve heard! Perhaps a lively round of mini golf? Or even just going to a Macca’s drive-through in your 1987 Ford Laser?

But enough about my love life, let’s rehash the episode’s best tweets!

Tonight’s The Bachelor retold via hilarious tweets:

It’s the first single date, and Jimmy takes Brooke’s for a trip in his plane, or more specifically, a tiny plane being flown through stormy skies. Brooke thanks Jimmy with a kiss, but I’d be saying, “No thanks!”

Group photo shoot time! This year is rom-com themed, starting with a scene set in a library where Laura as Beryl stole the show (and my heart), but Steph got Jimmy’s attention.

On a wedding crashers shoot, Belinda went bonkers and no one knew what was happening. Then in a birthday scene, Sierah was all over Jimmy and rubbed the other women the wrong way.

Lily won the solo shoot, even sharing a “rain” soaked kiss with Jimmy. He obviously picked her for the challenge winner’s date, where she shared her experiences with her parents’ divorce before scoring a rose.

At the rose ceremony, Sierah imploded. First she was anxious to clear the air with Jimmy after she grew concerned she scared him off in the photo shoot, but then she started drama with Tahnee’s for apparently pulling her hair. Are we in 4th grade, Sierah? Am I hallucinating?

Jacinta and Belinda were sent home at the rose ceremony. I’m not sure where Jacinta came from, but Belinda’s chaotic energy with be sorely missed.