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Roxi From ‘The Bachelor’ On Her Feud With Juliette & Locky Asking Her To Come Back

Roxi was an early frontrunner in the race to Locky’s heart on The Bachelor, but ongoing drama in the mansion got the best of her and last night she called it quits, packing her bags and leaving the mansion after the cocktail party.

Roxi was a divisive figure in this season of The Bachelor – we often saw her arguing with Juliette or in tears after arguing with Juliette, and she was quick to walk out of a confrontation or simply shut down her laptop and exit a group date. As an audience, we probably saw the worst of her during the heated moments and the lack of context to what was setting her off made it difficult to follow.

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Roxi’s mum told Locky that they had a name for Roxi’s “alter ego” when she gets mad, calling her Ronda (after Ronda Rousey) and it could be safe to say it was Ronda we were seeing at the cocktail parties. But even if these moments were fleeting, there were other parts to Roxi too – she opened up and showed her “softer side” on her single date with Locky, she seemed tight with the other girls in the house, and she also poked fun at herself and her own behaviour from time to time.

After storming out of the mansion for good last night, we chatted with Roxi about her decision to leave The Bachelor, what the hell was going on with Juliette, and whether she had a chance to speak to Locky again.

On why she left the mansion:

“So basically we had a welcome back cocktail party and there wasn’t meant to be a rose ceremony. Towards the end of the night when they told us it [filming] was wrapped, Locky went home and there was an incident that happened between myself and Juliette. She made a comment towards me that I did not appreciate and because of all the drama that had been ongoing, it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had enough. I was like ‘I’m not copping this anymore, I don’t have to deal with this, this is not why I came here’ and I chose to leave for my own wellbeing.”

On saying goodbye to Locky:

“He rang me at the airport the next day, late in the afternoon, and he called me right at the time I was basically flying out. He was asking me to come back, he was apologising for the situation, he was like ‘I’ll come pick you up from the airport, we’ll walk in hand-in-hand’ and I was like, mate I’m watching my luggage go on the plane, you’re not going to get me off it.”

On whether Locky could’ve said anything to change her mind:

“At that point, my mind was made up. Juliette was going to be there regardless of how I felt. If I was to go back to the house and she had been sent home the night before, I probably would’ve been fine because I had a great time throughout that cocktail party. I guess things could’ve been different if she didn’t come back, but unfortunately, she pushed me over the edge.”

On where she stands with Juliette now:

“We’ve had zero contact. I think she’s actually blocked me!”

On THAT kiss Locky had with Bella:

“He actually instigated the conversation to talk about what happened with the kiss [in last night’s episode]. I was a bit disappointed that he chose the first moment to talk to me about that. So it looked like I was bringing it up but I wasn’t. And that riled me up, so you see us talking about it, and I wasn’t overly thrilled with what was going on so that’s why I pulled him up on it and I said ‘well what do you want me to do?’ I’m not having a win with this chat right now, you’re busting my balls as well. It had been MONTHS and months since that kiss. I swear to God I didn’t care anymore.”

On what Love in Lockdown was really like:

“Originally they said everything was monitored and we couldn’t just call and talk willy-nilly, and then they changed it so you could talk whenever you want. But I didn’t really talk to him at all and I thought he had fallen off the face of the earth and wasn’t on anyone’s radar but it turns out there were girls talking to him every day and I was just so oblivious.”

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On what she’d do differently if she had her time again:

“I guess there’s a lot of stuff you didn’t see on camera as to why I behaved a certain way. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to own what you do, because I did do it. But there were a lot of really good moments and there’s another side of me that people didn’t get to see much of, but it is what it is.

“I think I could’ve collected myself a bit better, the crying for me was sucky, I was like ‘God Roxanne, stop carrying on like that!’ I wish I could’ve held myself a little bit better in those moments and not broken down so quickly.”

And on whether she’d do another dating show like Bachelor in Paradise:

“I’m definitely not in a rush to be throwing myself back into a dating show, considering how badly this one ended. But then again, I don’t even know if they’d take me back after the way I carried on!”