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The Best Tweets From Tonight’s Dramatic AF Episode Of ‘The Bachelor’

Whoa, is everyone else taking a deep breath after that plot twist on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor?

With just one week remaining, things have gotten even more tense in the fight for Matt Agnew’s heart and only one lady will be able to rip it out in the end and hold it up triumphantly for the whole world to see.

It was with deep sadness in our hearts that we said goodbye to Bachy fave Elly tonight, who seemed like an obvious frontrunner to everyone, except, well, Matt I guess.

Thankfully the tweets were there to help us smile through the pain.

Here’s tonight’s Bachy ep retold via the best tweets.

The group date was all about “sexual chemistry” and involved Matt being blindfolded for most of it.

There was also a creepy staring competition.

Elly won the solo time with Matt after the group date and dropped more Abbie tea.

Abbie and Matt’s single date saw them “move in” with each other.

Matt tried to figure out from Abbie why Elly would say she wasn’t here for the right reasons.

Elly and Abbie had an awkward chat at the cocktail party.

And then sweet, baby angel Elly got booted from the mansion.