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LOL: The Funniest Tweets From Tonight’s Hectic Bachy Episode

Hello! How are you? Good? Great! During tonight’s episode of The Bachelor things got hot and heavy and no, I’m not talking about the fact I downed an entire large Mexican pizza while watching. No regrets.

The feud between Irena and Bella is getting even nastier. In tonight’s episode, Bella obsessed over Irena during the intimate group challenge and got even madder when Irena was chosen for a second date with Locky. Bella became fixated with the fact that she thinks Irena lied about enjoying hiking so she would get asked on a date, which I thought is something all single women do and we collectively ignore.

It all kicked off at the cocktail party when Bella unleashed about Irena to Locky, leaving him unsure about their future together. This all went down after Juliette yeeted out of the mansion which we can assume happened because she low-key told Locky she has other options in her DMs. Honestly, we must stan forever. An icon.

Let’s rehash the whole mess via the episode’s funniest tweets, OK? OK!

Tonight’s The Bachelor retold in hilarious tweets:

On the group date, Locky is blindfolded while the girls touch him and leave their mark. Bella gets upset that Irena covered up her kissing impression on Locky’s chest with a painted heart.

Steph wins after kissing Locky during the challenge but after they spend time together, he decides she’s in the friendzone.

Locky picks Irena for a second single date and they go camping. Irena tells Locky that she has fallen in love with him.

Meanwhile, Bella is fuming. She bitches about Irena all day, concocting some conspiracy theory that Irena lied about liking the outdoors and enjoying hiking.

We have another single date, this time with Izzy and they do one of those intense challenges where they plan their life together. No thank you.

At the cocktail party, Juliette tells Locky that she could be messaging other famous guys and then she leaves the mansion. King shit.

Bella continues to spiral over Irena and tells Locky that Irena is a liar. At the rose ceremony, he pulls her aside to say he didn’t like seeing that side of her.

Bella secures a rose but Maddy and Steph are left roseless. Feeling devo for Bachy Daddy.