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Tonight’s Bachy Madness Retold In Hilarious Tweets

We’re back for another instalment of The Bachelor and tonight five became four ahead of hometowns next week. Yes, we’re already that far into this season and I still have no clue who half these women are.

Two ladies who have made an impression are Bella and Irena, who continue to feud in tonight’s episode. This time it was Irena’s turn to make a scene at the cocktail party, storming out of a conversation about Bella getting a rose from Locky on their date. Sharing a boyfriend is tough.

I can’t see this petty rivalry coming to an end, as many assume that Bella and Irena will be the final two and will fight to the death for Locky’s beating heart. It’s going to get savage. Until then, let’s laugh about tonight’s shitshow.

Tonight’s The Bachelor retold via hilarious tweets:

Everyone is reeling from last night’s drama and the girls grill Bella over why Locky pulled her out of the rose ceremony.

Locky rocks up to make breakfast before Osher arrives to tell the girls they have to write a speech for a toast to their (hypothetical) future with Locky.

Bella gets picked for a solo date and they practice the art of kintsugi aka smashing up pottery and putting it back together. They make up and put their fight behind them.

Bella tells Locky that she’s falling in love with him. Take THAT, Irena.

At the cocktail party, Bella arrives with a rose and Irena storms off. Irena later breaks down in a piece to camera, meanwhile Locky grabs Bella for a sneaky kiss.

Kaitlyn is left roseless and is sent home.