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Matt Made His Choice In A Confusing AF Final Rose Ceremony On ‘The Bachelor’

Woah. That was VERY stressful. Matt Agnew has made his choice on The Bachelor and professed his love for Chelsie McLeod, leaving runner-up Abbie Chatfield reeling.

But this was no regular final rose ceremony. The producers, those cheeky devils, decided to mix things up tonight by showing Chelsie getting out of the limo first (translation: you’ve been dumped!) which sent fans spiralling.

It was truly hectic to watch. Australian Survivor might be over, but we are still being blindsided by Channel 10. I feel personally victimised.

But alas, it was Abbie who was dumped and left furious, telling Matt:”You could have sent me home so much earlier.” Later in the car she said she didn’t know whether she actually loved him. The girl was angry and we don’t blame her.

In the end, it was Chelsie all along and we’re not surprised. Chelsie and Matt have had an adorkable journey together that’s been largely bound together by their mutual nerdiness. From their first meeting on the red carpet when Chelsie applied a Oxytocin (aka love hormone) temporary tattoo on Matt’s chest, to loling on their first date over Chelsie bringing engineering textbooks into the Bachy mansion.

The two big geeks couldn’t be more meant for each other and tonight Matt finally told Chelsie his true feelings for her. “Chelsie, I’ve never believed in such thing as the perfect woman until I met you,” he began. “Chelsie, I love you,” Matt declared.

Viewers are feeling the love after Matt professed his feelings for Chelsie:

Congrats to the wonderfully nerdy couple!