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People Are High-Key Shook By Angie’s Decision On Tonight’s ‘Bachelorette’

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Tonight’s rose ceremony on The Bachelorette was one of the most emotional few minutes of this show ever.

After dates with the final three, at the rose ceremony Carlin was given the first rose. But just as Angie went to give the second out she broke down and had to leave. We then saw her discussing her decision with the production crew and shit got tense.

Eventually Angie composed herself. “This is what I’m here to do and I’ve just got to trust my gut,” Angie said before rejoining the ceremony and giving the last rose to Timm (thank god!).

Twitter was quietly panicking when Timm was left standing in the bottom two, but in the end Angie chose to keep the loveable goof over Ryan, the dude that she’s been talking to on Instagram for at least a year.

We are all extremely relieved but woah, that was a rollercoaster.

Australia is surprised and delighted that Timm is going through to the finale:

But a few admitted that Ryan handled himself like a champ:

Tbh it’s just nice seeing someone on this series show genuine emotion, unlike ahem…last year’s the Honey Badger.