the bachelorette brooke blurton jamie lee

A Bachy Contestant From Honey Badger’s Season Is Now Dating Brooke Blurton On ‘The Bachelorette’

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I couldn’t be more excited for a Bachy season. Brooke Blurton’s The Bachelorette season has begun filming and a familiar face is among the cast of suitors.

Jamie-Lee Dayz competed on the Honey Badger’s season alongside Brooke, and she’s been photographed filming the new season — even going on a cute date with Brooke.

Two women finding each other after being pitted against one another for the affections of one man? We have to stan!

If the name Jamie-Lee doesn’t ring a bell, she was an intruder on the 2018 season. She entered alongside Bachelor In Paradise superstar Brittney ‘Litney’ Weldon, so it’s unsurprising that Jamie-Lee didn’t stick in all of our minds while Litney (the queen of chaos) was attempting to unite the Bachy mansion in conga-line.

the bachelorette brooke blurton jamie lee

In a series of photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Brooke and Jamie-Lee are shown seemingly filming a date, holding hands, cuddling, and even sharing a kiss.

This is not the first time Brooke and Jamie-Lee have been linked. After Nick Cummins’ season, rumours circulated that the two were dating. At the end of 2019, Jamie-Lee got back together with an ex-girlfriend and told Now To Love at the time that “Brooke is an amazing person, she and I are great friends. I actually am a little disappointed that all of these rumours have come out,” she said.

“The assumption that every bisexual person must be together. Like, if there are two bisexual people in a room, they must be together. I think that’s such a backwards assumption.”

It looks like Brooke and Jamie-Lee will finally get the chance to explore a romantic relationship and we can’t wait to watch it play out in the series’ world-first season casting men and women.

We are yet to hear when The Bachelorette will kick off, but it’s historically followed The Bachelor which begins next week on July 21. Not long now, fam!