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Confirmed! We Have Our First ‘Bachelorette’ Love Story

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Last week we wrote about speculation that two Bachelorette contestants had found love after being eliminated from the show and it looks like we’ve now got the official confirmation that Carissa Croft and Beca Pressing are together.

Beca has taken to Instagram to upload a cute pic of the two, captioning that she can’t picture life without Carissa. “I love you to the moon and back,” she said.


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While we didn’t get to see a lot of Beca on the show, Carissa was a hot favourite for Brooke’s heart after the two connected on the red carpet. After their first solo time together though, Carissa and Brooke’s spark didn’t ignite as strongly and eventually, Carissa made the decision to leave the show.

In her elimination interview with Punkee, Carissa had a few interesting things to say that pointed towards a Beca romance.

“On TV, it’s really focused on everyone’s relationship with Brooke, but we’re all forming connections within the mansion,” she said. “I found that hard, how do you navigate having strong friendships and dating the same person? It’s something I didn’t anticipate and I found it too challenging. Especially as I didn’t already have a connection with Brooke, I was having to create one when my friends already had feelings. It was too much.”

When it came to her choice to leave The Bachelorette, even though Brooke appeared to not want her to go, Carissa had this to say.

“It was important for me to be authentic and be genuine in this experience. As soon as I realised that I couldn’t give Brooke what she deserved, I didn’t want to take that away from someone else who really wanted to be there. The main thing was just that I had developed friendships and I hadn’t developed a connection with Brooke, and by that point, I couldn’t see myself giving her what she deserved, so the best decision was to leave.”

As the old saying goes, all’s well that ends well. Congrats to Carissa and Beca!